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                     Heating and Cooling Products, We use American Standard products because of their outstanding performance and excellent customer reviews, we feel that our customer deserves first class equipment to go with the first class service given to all McConnell Plumbing, Heating, & A/C customers.

    If you have never heard of Hydron Module then you are missing out on the best geothermal system on the market. These units come with a limited lifetime warranty. These are a very well designed units with all the most up to date features. I have been a Water Furnace dealer but now that I have found these units, I left the WF units behind. Call us for a quote!  

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

                          Aquanot by Zoeller battery back up sump pumps, We are always on the search for products that perform well and are great quality, that makes them a great value. This is no exception.

Model GP 2010 Grinder Pump

We sell and install the top manufacturer of sewage lift  pumps: Environment One. We are the factory service representative for these systems. After servicing and installing these systems for over 13 years we love using them. This is no ordinary lift pump station. These systems can push sewage all by themselves over (1) mile straight up, try that with any centrifugal type pump, it won't do it! If you want a quality system with a two year warranty, this is your system.

We use Bradford-White Water Heaters because we have found them to be the premiere manufacturer of water heaters. They have excellent warranties but we have found it a rare occasion to have one replaced under warranty. These are not your average water heaters. They are also able to be upgraded from 7 year warranty to a 10 year warranty just by purchasing a warranty extension which is very inexpensive.  What this really means is that you are getting a 10 tank even if you do not upgrade. Most water heater companies offer a 10 year warranted heater, but it is an entirely different model.

We sell Marlo Water Treatment systems. This water softener is our most popular model. It is very customizable and suits most any home owner's needs.

Wolverine Brass Faucets

Wolverine Brass Faucets feature ceramic disc technology and triple chrome plating on the faucet bodies. They provide a high quality alternative to the other competing brands.

We also handle:

Delta Faucets

American Standard Faucets

Moen Faucets     

Kohler/Sterling Faucets and Fixtures

Sanuvox UV air purification systems


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Navien tankless water heaters are the absolute best tankless unit

available.  With its 98% efficiency rating and its ability to qualify

for the tax credit. It can be vented by using pvc instead of the

stainless steel needed by the other manufacturers. With its dual stainless

steel heat exchangers instead of the copper ones used on other

manufacturers. They also have a very small storage tank in reserve

to make up for the time it takes to light and start heating the water.

We believe this is the best tankless unit available.

40 cycles per hour. This is a premium pumping backup system.

Hydron Module


This is the only lifetime warrantied Geothermal System on the market.

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