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Large Boiler Installation

Environment One Pump

   Station Installation

We installed a natural gas boiler

in place of a oil fired boiler.

This customer also had us take

Care of  their Unico air con-

ditioning systems.

This was an installation in progress

in Indianapolis of  an Environment

One Grinder Pump Station.  We

specialize in this type of grinder

pump stations.

These next two pictures

are of the inside and out

side of an installation of

a heat pump system.

As you can see this is a very

professional installation. This

system has been in now for

about 3 years and working


Here is an install after a house fire.

This system was installed many years ago.

it is still going strong.  

Here is a special install.

We installed not just the heat pump

but the water heater, water softener

and the iron filter.  Needless to say,

this is a very good customer and we

have taken good care of them.

This is a church install

All three of these pictures are

of a church job that we installed

8 roof top units on the ground.

This was a very professional job

completion. We can handle what

ever you have in the way of heating

or air conditioning.  

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