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Our Services:

Our services are so wide in scope that a list doesn't do them justice, however, we will start with a listing as a reference point:

Our Services are very diversified

As you can see we are very diversified in our services but we have a highly skilled group of technicians who are able to handle these things and more with skill and professionalism.

Some of the companies with which we do business:

      Marsh Supermarkets


     Lowes Home Centers

     Anderson Community Schools

     Fairfield Inns of Muncie and Anderson

     City of Anderson Engineering

     Hoosier Park

     Clancy's/ Grindstone Charlies

     Jim Dandy Restaurants

     Environmental Field Services

Water heater installs  

Water softeners

Faucet and sink repair or replacement

Sump Pumps

Water well pumps

Lift stations

Grinder pumps

Directional boring


Sewer line repair and replacement

Water line repair and replacement

Drain & Sewer line cleaning

First Class heating service

Air Conditioning service and replacement

Refrigeration service

City main extensions

Emergency backup sump pumps

Water well service, Well pumps and pressure tanks


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Directional Boring
Directional Boring
Directional Boring