Directional Boring in Anderson, IN

What is Directional Boring?

Directional boring is a process of running underground piping for sewers, water lines, electrical wires, cables, underground without digging from the surface down. We use the machines like the one pictured above to steer through the ground to install whatever type of piping or wire is being installed.


We have installed thousands of feet of all sizes of piping by boring from 1" up to 16". Many of the projects are done for other contractors such as excavators, environmental contractors, other plumbing contractors. Some of the pictures on our website are from some of the boring projects that we have done. We have our own digging equipment, so we can take a project from start to finish. Many of the projects that we do are done by boring because it would be more costly to cut up roads, parking lots, or expensive landscaping, to get the line run. We have crossed creeks, ditches, and many other types of hard to get through places with ease by using directional boring.

Polyethylene Pipe Fusion

Because of the extremely hard pull we put on the pipe, we often use polyethylene pipe to directional bore. As you can see above, the way the pipe is joined, it has an extremely tough joint as well as, no large extruding hubs. This makes it ideal for boring and it comes in all pressure rating and sizes. We have our own fusion equipment for small piping and rent equipment for larger jobs. This piping is extremely flexible and all of the other characteristics of the pipe make it an ideal choice for directional boring.