What is your most important reason for choosing a professional?

It goes without saying that you need the specific service that the contractor provides. Beyond that though there sereral perspectives to consider. The first but certainly not the most important is the price. In my mind that has always caused an unintended consequence. That is you would get the contractor who was willing to sell the cheapest equipment and do things the fastest way possible. My approach has always been to think of how I would want things to be done both in the materials I chose and in the professional way they were installed. There are plenty of price shoppers and there will always be. If that is all you can afford then by all means go for that. But when you think about it, if it costs 30% more to get a first class piece of equipment and a long term company standing behind their equipment, at least in my mind it's worth it. We absolutely love in an atmosphere of instant gratification. And if you want it you should have it so we often get pulled into the lesser quality option so we can have it now.
One of the ways that we have found to fight against that mentality is to offer people options to spread the cost over time and still get what they want right now. We do offer financing plans for our systems. No matter how you choose to view finding a contractor the top of the list should be finding someone that you trust. If you cannot trust someone you hire, you don't have the right person for the job. We have been serving customers since 1993 and to this day that is our mission...to serve.
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