Staying Positive in a negative business environment.

Wow! Is this even possible? Yes I believe how we approach life everyday will determine our outcome. Stuff does not just overcome us. We have the opportunity to overtake and control our circumstances by approaching it with a can do attitude. Don't you just hate it when you call some type of service oriented company and the person they send is a can't do person? It seems to defeat the whole reason for calling in the first place. When I approach a job, it is always with a can do attitude. Unless you tell me that it is not worth fixing or we determine that to be the case we can fix it. Staying positive has other very fun consequences like being pleasant to deal with. Life is too short to walk around with negative bias all over us. We have the choice to make things better around us and that is what being in the service business is all about. We fix broken things so they work again. What a great job we have. There are plenty of ways to stay positive when you see how much we have all been given. We have so much more than many other people around the world. Rejoicing in the small things like running water and "flowing away from the house" sewage are a couple of really good things to rejoice about. I approach life with the premise that people are basically good and they want to have positive experiences and they want to give positive experiences. Therefore I am not looking for the other person to screw me over. I believe in the goodness that is inside of people wanting to get out. I love what I do.
   I would like to suggest that a negative business environment comes from a selfish perspective and flows down hill from there. If you have an idea that everything is always about you and the way that you feel, that is felt all around you. It tends to rub off too. This is the last thing that will help us as a community and a nation. We are all in this together and being in the service business is about community. This is why we like to say give us a chance to prove to you our excellent service. I am sorry that I got a little off track here. If you came here looking for mechanical solutions. This is not an article about that at all. This is just one of my random thoughts and you don't have to read it. I will try to keep writing on subject for those of you who get irritated by people getting off subject.I do, however, try to keep with the title of the article so you can weed out something that you are not interested in.

thanks for reading.